Buying a home

When you make the important decision to buy a home, I am dedicated to going the extra mile, and will make certain all of your needs are successfully met and exceeded in a professional and honest manner. Whether you have bought many homes or this is your first time, no two transactions in real estate are ever the same. Having a knowledgeable REALTOR by your side is the best tool you can have to make the process, easy and stress free.

I pride myself on my availability to my clients, and can be contacted at any time for all of your Real Estate needs.

When you choose to work with me, we will go through the following steps together...

  1. Meeting

    1. Pre approval

    2. Contract

    3. Forms

  2. The search

    1. Needs vs. Wants

  3. Matrix Portal

    1. Set up

    2. How to use

  4. Viewing houses

    1. What to look for

  5. Writing an offer

    1. Multiple offers

    2. Usual conditions

    3. Deposit cheque

    4. Responses

  6. Satisfying conditions

    1. Financing

    2. Inspection

    3. Condo cooling off

    4. Others

  7. Completed offer & Closing the sale

    1. Lawyer

    2. Insurance

    3. Closing costs

  8. Possession

    1. Keys

    2. Reading meters

    3. Checking appliances, plumbing, electrical

  9. Follow up